Add A Little Indian Spice To Your BBQ

With weather experts predicting the possibility of an Indian Summer, we have come up with a range of ideas and ways you can spice up your traditional BBQ!

Whether we have an Indian summer or not, you can get creative in your very own in your back garden or kitchen with these simple spice hacks!

There are seven key spices that make the perfect Indian dish. So, tip number one, stock up on these seven spices.

  1. Coriander powder
  2. Cumin powder
  3. Indian chilli powder
  4. Turmeric powder
  5. Garam masala
  6. Whole cumin seeds
  7. Whole mustard seeds

Why not start with a classic? Chicken Tikka Marinaded Skewers.

With only 10 minutes needed to prep this delicious snack, this is an easy addition to your normal BBQ menu. Once the chicken has been left to marinade in the delightful mix of yoghurt and spices, it can be cooked on your BBQ and served alongside a crispy, fresh onion salad and mint chutney!

A classic BBQ side with an Indian twist. Spiced Indian Coleslaw.

A twist on a British BBQ classic. This easy, tasty side is the best choice to accompany your BBQ mains. With the addition of lime juice, chopped chilli, toasted cumin seeds, turmeric and chilli powder, this fragrant side dish will add a bit of India to any main!

A vegetarian favourite. Marinaded Paneer.

A classic Indian cheese cut into blocks and marinaded in a fragrant ginger, mango, chilli and cumin blended sauce! This gorgeous dish can be served alongside various Indian sauces and cooked on the BBQ in under 15 minutes!

For those who love some spice. Punjabi Chicken Wings.

These chicken wings combine many flavours and spices to create a wing that’s drenched in a sticky, spicy curry sauce. Packed with chilli, turmeric and fenugreek this fiery dish will definitely become a favourite at your BBQ! Best served with raw onion, coriander and freshly squeezed lemon.

Don’t forget drinks! Nimbu Pani with a zing of ginger.

A BBQ is nothing without the perfect drink to accompany your delicious creations! A Nimbu Pani is a traditional northern Indian drink given on the streets to quench the thirst brought on by the Indian summer sun. This twist on a classic includes hints of ginger for warmth, after all, British summers aren’t quite the same as Indian ones…

With these seven key Indian spices in your cupboard, you should be able to turn pretty much any BBQ into an Indian spiced heaven! Bring the taste of India to your back garden BBQ or kitchen this summer!

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