Cocktail Menu


Our brand new shiny cocktail menu!

  • El Dito Cooler

    If a mojito and a daiquiri were combined, this would be the result. White rum, fresh lime, elderflower, decarbonate soda and fresh mint. 8.50
  • Parma Violet

    Violet gin with sugar syrup, aromatic tonic water and parma violet sweets. 8.00
  • Berry Brush

    Strawberry paint slowly immerses into citron vodka, apple lime and fizz add to the flavour. 8.50
  • Matcha Colada

    The classic Colada, but improved. Blended coconut, egg white and ginger topped with a dusting of matcha powder. 8.50
  • Cacao

    An indulgent dark chocolate variant of the classic espresso martini. With Vanilla vodka and fresh espresso topped with cacao dust. 8.50
  • Pink Cloud

    Your childhood favourite (with added gin). Rhubarb, strawberry and egg white. With a vanilla cotton cloud. 8.50
  • Himalayan Breeze

    Floral and creamy vodka cocktail infused with delicate raspberry and lavender flavours. Blended with egg white and then served in a tall glass. 8.50
  • Maharaja G+T

    Gin, with a homemade lemongrass, wild lychee finished with a floral elderflower tonic. 8.50
  • Januna Phala

    Tropical and fruity. This vanilla vodka cocktail is infused with passionfruit and lime, whipped with egg white and topped with a delightful tonka bean foam. 9.00
  • Sona Kaphi

    Dark and rich. Whiskey, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, lavender bitters, coffee liqueur and edible gold. Not for the faint-hearted. 9.00
  • Amb Spritz

    A sweet and bitter mix of Aperol, lemon, rose wine, mango and soda. A refreshing take on a new classic. 9.00
  • Hadwana Fizz

    A delightful mix of gin, fizz, Pamplemousse rose and watermelon. Sharp, fruity and glittery. 9.00
  • Viola

    A creamy conconction of blueberry vodka, egg white, violet and lemon with a blueberry arch to finish. 8.50
  • Rainbow Crush

    Sharp, tangy and colourful. With tequila, Aperol and peach bitters. Notes of pink grapefruit. 8.50
  • Jaffa Mist

    Our take on the old fashioned. Dark rum, elderflower, chocolate and orange bitters create a smooth chocolate orange taste. 8.50
  • Gulab

    Creamy gin based cocktail, with hints of rose, lemon and raspberry for an Indian twist on a classic. Blended with egg white and topped with rose petals 8.50