Giving back


A big part of the Rasoi philosophy is giving back, so as well as supporting a range of charities in the UK throughout the year, we also set up a charity supporting numerous projects in India.

Every time you dine with Rasoi you help to support these projects, sending children to school, funding hospitals and lifesaving operations, and helping young women get training to pursue their life goals.


Every child deserves an education and the chance to learn. This is one of the projects closest to our heart, and there is truly nothing better than watching these children flourish into intelligent young adults. Each year we fund a number of children in rural areas who’s families would not normally be able to afford the school fees. As there is no state funded school in this region of India, these children would normally grow up without an education. This enables these children to the best start in life, and sets them up for successful futures. At present, we fund full school fees, uniform and winter wear for 167 children.


We want to provide as many people with the tools to succeed as possible. We believe that empowering young women in India and giving them a stable income enables them to become independent and self sufficient. As well as our education programme, we also give older girls sewing lessons, and also provide them with a state of the art machine so they can work from home, and still raise a family.

Sikhi Sewa Mission also hold regular days where we enable people to get married, and then gift them a starter pack to furnish their homes. This provides the couple with the best start to married life.