Warm up this Winter and Treat Yourself to a Takeaway From Rasoi

When it comes to an Indian takeaway treat, getting it right matters. So why choose anything other than Rasoi’s award winning menu. Crafted in our restaurant, enjoyed in your home.

What makes a good Indian Takeaway?

When choosing a takeaway, an Indian is an obvious choice. A recent survey found that in the UK, Indian takeaways make it in the top three most popular takeaway choices. In fact, our neighbours in Cardiff can’t get enough of an Indian takeaway, with it being the city’s favourite takeaway choice. Here in Swansea, it is safe to say that an Indian takeaway is the favourite for many too.

But what makes the perfect Swansea Indian takeaway? Knowing what is available is a good place to start. For many, the classic Chicken Tikka Masala is their first choice. Once described as a true national dish, Chicken Tikka Masala continues to be a favourite thanks to its distinctive gently spiced tomato sauce. For those seeking more heat from their curry, then the Madras will be all too familiar. The key to a good Madras is allowing the hearty fragrant spices to be uplifted with sprinkles of chilli flakes. As more of us adopt a meat restricted diet, a vegetarian selection of Indian takeaways has only become more important. Enter the Punjabi Shahi Paneer, a deliciously flavourful curry, with authentic North Indian heritage. A creamy tomato-based sauce is complimented with a balance of fenugreek, cinnamon and bay leaves.

Rasoi Takeaways

Whether it is for an end of week family treat, or a romantic date night in, your Swansea Indian takeaway has to be special. At Rasoi, we have been creating and evolving our carefully crafted menus for over a decade. Drawing inspiration from family recipes, our Punjab fusion cuisine is not only award winning, but a firm Swansea favourite. Our restaurants, Rasoi Indian Kitchen, Pontlliw, and Rasoi Waterfront, SA1, serve passion infused cuisine with unmistakeable flavours. Our Indian takeaway menu is no different. All of our food is carefully crafted in our restaurant for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. So when it comes to choosing your Swansea Indian takeaway, look no further than Rasoi.

Order and collect your takeaway direct from Rasoi Indian Kitchen and receive 20% off the price of your food. See our inspired Indian takeaway menu.


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